Attendance Office Procedures

Tardy students

All students must check in with either the Tardy Monitor or the Attendance Office if they arrive to school after the late bell at 7:17 a.m. to receive a pass to class.

Early Dismissals

Parents need to send a note to the Attendance Office with their student on the day of the Early Dismissal.  This note needs to include the date, the student’s first name and last name, the time the student will be picked up, a phone number to be able to reach the parent/guardian, and the reason for the early dismissal.  The student should report to the Attendance Office with this note when he/she arrives to school and receive a pass allowing him/her to leave the classroom at the time stated in the note.  The parent will come to the Attendance Office with their photo I.D. at the time the student is leaving to actually sign the student out.  Please allow up to 15 minutes for this process.  The student will receive an Early Dismissal slip that he/she will use to show each teacher of each class they will be missing.

If the student drives or walks to school and therefore the parent will not be picking the student up, we must have a phone number to be able to reach the parent in order to verify the note, time and reason for dismissal. The note also needs to indicate that the student is either driving or walking.  The student needs to bring this note to the Attendance Office upon arrival to school to receive their pass to be able to leave class and come to the Attendance Office and sign out.  After the phone confirmation, the student will then be able to sign themselves out of the building and receive the Early Dismissal slip to show all teachers of the classes they are missing.

The reason we need to know why the student is leaving is because we have to code the time out of school appropriately.  If the student is going to a doctor, dental, or court appointment and the parent can provide documentation for that appointment the code for being out will be changed to reflect that documentation.  This code and date will then not be held against the student at the end of the semester when the Attendance Review Committee meets to determine whether or not a student has missed too many days and will need to have credit withheld for the classes he/she has missed.

We cannot hold notes for future dates due to the number of students enrolled in school. 

Notes after an absence

Parents need to provide a note each time their student is absent.  This note will be turned into his/her CATS (homeroom) teacher in order for the student to receive a coded “Admission After Absence” blue slip.  The note should include the student’s full name, the date and reason for the absence, and a parent signature.  If the student attended a doctor, dental or court appointment, documentation for those appointments should be provided to appropriately code these absences.

Try to keep up with these notes in order to alleviate trying to acquire this information at the end of the semester when the Attendance Review Committee meets to determine the whether or not a student will have credit withheld due to excessive absences.


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