Requests to the School Counseling Office to fax information for parents and for students have been increasing at a steady amount.  Should you or your child make a request to our office to fax documents, there will be a charge of $.50 per page.

There are times when school counselors have asked for parental consent or authorization on school documents such as senior graduation notification forms.  Too often, school counselors have either not received the documents back or received them without the required parental signature.  When these documents are not returned to our office by the required date, our school counselors must send the documents home to parents by certified mail.  Should our office be required to send you a letter by certified mail, a fee of $5.25 will be charged to your child’s student account and will be reported to our school’s Finance Office.  Please remember that all student accounts must be paid in full in order for your child to receive their diploma at graduation and also before you can transfer your child to another school.


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