New student registrations are by appointment. Only a biological parent or court appointed guardian may enroll a child, and the following documentation is required at the time of registration.

    • A transfer packet from the forwarding school, which school includes the student’s most recent class schedule and report card, as well as a transcript depicting any high school credit earned.

    • Parent/Guardian valid driver’s license or other acceptable proof of identification.

    • Birth certificate (original copy if student is enrolling in a Maryland public school for the first time), Passport, or Visa.

    • Immunization record, which must include the Hepatitis B series, in addition to information relative to Chicken Pox’s, either the date (month/year) the child had the disease or evidence of the vaccinations.

    • Proof of residence. Two forms of documentation are required as proof of residency, one of which must be either a lease or deed of property/mortgage statement and a second item such as a utility bill (BGE. Water, Comcast Cable, Verizon Cable), a current pay stub, a W-2 form, social security check, or child support check. All documentation must be current and depict the property address.

Registration appointments can be made by call our Registrar, Shafeqah Mordecai ( , at 410-672-4921. Parents/guardians should expect to complete a registration packet with Ms. Mordecai on the day of the appointment after which they will meet with their child(ren)’s guidance counselor (in most instances) to review Arundel High School’s program of studies and academic expectations. The student will begin classes the next school day following the registration appointment.

NOTE: Incoming ninth-grade students from our feeder middle schools will automatically “roll” into our student database. No action is required on the parent/guardian’s part to enroll them. For more information on Enrollment Requirements, please contact the School Counseling Office or view the document below.

Registration Requirement Steps

Acceptable forms of Residency


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