Lunch Menu - Week of January 15 - 19
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Juice, Milk,  Fruit along with the following
Choice of One:
Bagel, Banana Bread, Benefit Breakfast Bar, Berry Bread, Cereal Pouch (Low Fat Granola), FMp, Frudel, Mini Cinnis, Muffin. Oabneal Bar, Pumpkin Bread, Sweet Potato Roll, Ultimate Breakfast Round, Zucchini Bread
Choice ofTwo:
Cereal (Cinnamon Rice Chex, Frosted Mini Wheat's-Chocolate & Regular, Heart to Heart,
Raisin Bran, Rice Chex, Rice Krisples), Graham Crackers, Mini Benefit Breakfast Bar, Mini Loaf, Mini Muffin, Mini Oatmeal Bar, Mini Sweet Potato Roll, Nutri Grain Bar

Lunch Line  

Teriyaki Chicken, Hot Dogs, French Bread Pizza, Quesadilla, Salads, Pizza,

Chicken Sandwich, Meatball Subs, Lasagna, Corndogs, Salads, Pizza

Taco, Cheeseburgers, Oven Toasted Cheese, Burrito, Salads, Parfaits

Pizza, Fish Tacos, Gardenburger, Salads, Parfaits


A complimentary meal of a jelly sandwich and a serving of fruit is offered for breakfast.
A complimentary meal of a cheese or jelly sandwich with a choice of fruit or a serving of vegetable for lunch is offered, if a student does not have breakfast or lunch money.

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