Parking FAQs

Scenario 1 – need a parking spot THIS school year/now

  • We are literally OUT of parking spots for students – we had 246 spaces allotted for students (not even enough for seniors)
  • If a senior – see Ms. Stickney in C103
  • If a junior/etc. – see scenario 2  & 3 information
  • On the school website under Policy/Parking/ Parking Permit Policy it gives a great explanation of the parking permit policy ( 


Scenario 2 – would still like to park even though we have no parking spaces left

  • Opportunity to park AFTER seniors leave for the time frame of May 26 – June 8
  • Mandatory Junior Parking Meeting is May 16 during Pride in C107…only need to attend 1st OR 2nd lunch (not both)
  • Will need to fill out junior parking application and provide copies of driver’s license, car insurance & car registration
  • This does not carry over to 2017-2018 school year.  See scenario 3.


Scenario 3 – want to apply for 2017-2018 parking

2017-2018 Parking Applications will be given out the last two days of school during Pride and throughout the summer in the main office.  246 parking spots have been allotted for student parking.  ARUH does not guarantee parking privileges and must adhere to the priority order listed in the Board Policy and Regulation with Seniors participating in school-supervised work/intern programs being the #1 priority.  The following requirements must be met BEFORE picking up 2017-2018 application

  • Senior for 2017-2018 (NO 2017-2018 Juniors may apply)
  • No obligations
  • 2.0 minimum GPA
  • Currently have a driver’s license



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